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The service

Starting January 2021, LaCAR is officially mandated by the University of Liège to provide saliva testing kits to enterprises.

If you are an enterprise and wish to carry out a COVID19 screening inside your company do not hesitate to contact us via the website, per email or phone.

COVID19 test for Companies

What exactly is a COVID19 screening ?

The aim of a screening procedure is to test as many people as possible over a defined period of time in order to detect potential cases of COVID19. Due to its regularity and frequency, this method has proven to be very effective.

The screening service of the University of Liège makes it possible to test the employees of an enterprise and to detect potential positive cases before the appearance of symptoms and even to detect asymptomatic people. Ideally, the test should be carried out several times a week to avoid leaving someone who is positive in contact with healthy people for too long and thus prevent the spread of the disease.

Why is COVID19 screening important ?

The current COVID19 pandemic is a difficult situation for most companies. Carrying out a COVID19 screening of the employees present onsite allows to detect infections early and therefore prevents outbreaks.

The major advantages are:

  • Increased safety at the workplace
  • Reduced risk of activities’ interruption
  • More relaxed working atmosphere
  • Employees’ protection

How does the COVID19 screening process work?

More safety in your company in only 5 steps:

  1. You define the number of samples and the frequency of the tests.
  2. You determine the duration of the screening.
  3. We supply you with the self-collection kits.
  4. We collect the kits from your establishment on the day of the screening.
  5. You receive the results within 24 hours via a dedicated platform.

How to use COVID19 saliva testing kits

  1. The sample should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and before brushing your teeth.
  2. Remove the three elements from the packaging. Open the tube, making sure to keep it upright. (Keep the cap, to close the tube after sampling.)
  3. Screw the orange adapter onto the sample tube with the serrated section pointing upwards.
  4. Screw the funnel as far as it will go into the orange adapter.
  5. Check that the funnel is correctly positioned by looking from above: the orange adapter must completely obstruct the bottom of the funnel.
  6. Spit into the funnel until the central part is completely filled with saliva.
  7. Partially unscrew the funnel so that the saliva flows into the sample tube (for at least 15 seconds).
  8. Hold the tube upright and unscrew the orange adapter and funnel. Dispose of them in a closed waste bin.
  9. Close the tube with the cap and screw it on as tightly as possible.
  10. Mix the saliva and reagent by inverting the tube up and down three times.
  11. Take note of the code on the label or photograph the label.

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